Importing the Mines Midcourse Feedback Survey into your Canvas course(s)

The Faculty Senate Task Force on the Evaluation of Teaching has created a brief ungraded Canvas survey that instructors can use to collect midcourse feedback from students about the course. 

The survey includes two broad sections: feedback for the instructor and self-reflection for students. The questions are brief and can help students and instructors check in with themselves and each other as the semester progresses. The information gathered in this optional survey will only be available to you. Once you have imported the survey into your Canvas course, you are welcome to adjust the wording of the introductory text and the questions to best suit your needs. Additionally, you may choose to remove the student reflection questions (#3-4) if you wish.

Import the survey from Canvas Commons

  • Log into Canvas
  • In the Global Navigation menu, click the Commons link

Canvas global navigation with Commons highlighted


  • In the search field, enter Midcourse Feedback Survey

searching for midcourse feedback survey in commons


  • Click on the Midcourse Feedback Survey title link

select midcourse feedback survey title


  • To import the survey, click the Import/Download button

importing survey into canvas courses


  • Select or search for the course or courses where you would like to import the survey, click Import into Course

select courses and complete survey import


  • The survey will import directly in the selected course and will immediately be published and visible to students


  • If you wish to edit the survey
    • Navigate to the Canvas course
    • In the Course Navigation menu, click on Quizzes
    • Click on the Midcourse Feedback Survey 
    • Click the Edit button
    • After making any edits, click the Save button


  • After your students have completed the survey, you can review the results and feedback by following the survey results guide


Want help importing or editing the survey? Contact the Mines Help Center


Want suggestions for collecting and interpreting this survey feedback? Review these guidelines


Want help reviewing the results or making adjustments to your teaching? 

Contact the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center


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