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Computing accounts are available to all Mines students, faculty, and staff while they are actively enrolled or employed at the university. These services continue during summer breaks and over other periods that may include normal school holidays, study abroad, internships, sabbaticals or extended leave. Special arrangements may need to be made during the semester or longer absences from campus, or any time official records may indicate inactive employment or academic status.

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Account Claim - Blank Web Pages

Hints for running account claim...

Google Chrome Version 80 Known Login Issue

Starting the week of February 17th, 2020 if end users are not able to successfully authenticate using single sign-on (SSO) solutions, such as Mines MultiPass. This article provides workaround options and more detailed information.

How do I change my password?

In the past, computer users at Mines may have had different passwords for various computer accounts. In March 2015, most of those accounts were consolidated under a single set of credentials referred to as the "MultiPass." To reset your Mines MultiPass, visit https://identity.mines.edu and follow the prompts. This process will reset what were once separate passwords -- Trailhead, MultiPass, and ADIT -- to a single MultiPass password.

How to properly use an administrator account on a Microsoft Windows computer.

How to properly use a local administrator account on a Microsoft Windows computer

How To Set Your Preferred First Name

How to set your campus Preferred First Name.

How to Use the Scantron - First Time Users

This article provides the basic steps on how to use the scantron for first-time users.

ITS Faculty & Staff Account Access Removal - Procedures

This article covers the removal of user access for normal employee terminations, which are voluntary in nature. Since user account removal can vary based on role, more specific procedures can be found within to address each specific type of user account.

Login Error: "Login Failure: Cannot locate KDC"

Use your Mines username (not your email address) for logging into MyMail, Canvas, and other similar Mines login services.

Troubleshooting password reset issues

This article provides information regarding the strange behavior that some users experience when their password is changed.

What are account quotas?

Quotas are storage limits set for various Mines systems used by faculty, staff, and students. What are the quotas for various Mines systems? How do you check whether you're approaching yours?

What is a Mines MultiPass?

MultiPass is the single master account for most major computer systems at Mines. Depending on your campus roles and affiliations, it may provide access to several services.

What is my campus username?

Your Mines username is a unique identifier that will be used throughout your stay at Mines to log into your various campus computer accounts, and as part of your campus email address (e.g., username@mines.edu). It's hard to change.

When will my email (or other) Mines computing access expire and be removed?

Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other accounts (among them MultiPass) as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. In theory, that could be the same day the individual officially leaves Mines, so plan accordingly.

Mines Computing Account Removal Information

This article pertains to the removal of multipass and other computing accounts that may directly or indirectly be provisioned by ITS.