ITS Faculty & Staff Account Access Removal - Procedures


Note: These procedures are applicable to all Colorado School of Mines (Mines) staff (full-time, part-time, temporary, and student employees), faculty (tenured, tenure-track, term, and part-time) and to all other third parties granted use of Mines information resources, excluding non-employed. 


When they are hired, all employees must read the Mines Appropriate Use Policy. These documents ensure that employees understand that all information created, modified, and/or stored on University computing equipment is ultimately the property of the University. This includes information created and stored on any University-owned PC or network device. 


The following steps cover the removal of user access for normal terminations, which are voluntary in nature. Since user de-provisioning can vary based on role, more specific procedures can be found below under the specific type of user account.

Staff/Faculty Terminations

Upon notice of termination, an individual’s department head or manager should work with the departing employee to arrange for the preservation of all business-related files both from the employee’s network space and email inbox. In order to ensure access gets removed for the individual’s accounts in voluntary termination cases, the following procedures shall apply:  

  • Upon learning of a staff/faculty or a third party’s termination or intended termination of employment or contract, it is the duty of the department manager of the staff or Faculty member, to notify in Human Resources immediately of the departure or intended departure by use of the official HR Separation Form. The use of the specific HR Separation form will allow Mines administrators responsible for access controls, including ITS, MAPS, and other applicable departments to disable the staff/faculty/third party’s access to the applicable Mines resources preventing unauthorized access effective within 24 hours of the Termination Date in Banner. 
  • It is the responsibility of the department head to submit to ITS any requests that relate to the transfer of email or other processes that need to be migrated from the departing employee to a different individual in the department, even if this is on a temporary basis
  •  Employees are not to remove or delete any data that is not their own, is necessary for the operation of the department or college, required by Mines retention policies, protected by federal or state law, or placed under a PED.  
  • The staff/faculty/third party will have until their last day of employment or the last day of the applicable third-party contract to remove or copy their personal information or email correspondence from Mines computers or servers to their own personal storage system.  
  • The department or supervisor may request from ITS to access to the staff/faculty/third party’s computer, electronic data storage locations, or email account for business continuity purposes. It is the manager’s or department’s responsibility to request access within 30 days of the Employee’s departure. ITS will not give access automatically. The manager must then copy, move or forward documents or email to the appropriate locations or accounts. The manager or department may also delete any data that is not required to be kept by Mines retention policies or by federal or state law. 

Part-time Faculty Inactive Teaching Status

If a faculty member is not teaching consecutive semesters (Fall/Spring, excluding the Summer) at Mines, ITS will deem their account status as “Inactive.” Their accounts will be allowed to remain active for one (1) semester following the last day of the last semester they taught at Mines. They will have full access to their Mines Account and to their Mines email account. If the faculty member does not teach at Mines following that one (1) semester hiatus, the academic department must terminate their account in accordance with the procedure described above for terminated Staff/Faculty members. 

Full-time Faculty Leaves

 Any faculty member who is on approved leave will have full access to their Mines Account and email. At the end of their approved leave time, the account will fall under the policies described above. 

Account Transfers

Any staff changing departments are not subject to these account removal procedures. However, to avoid unintended removals and optimal transition of access, notify ITS immediately using the ITS Account Change Form and corresponding Service Description for further details. 

Suspension of Account or Access

Mines reserves the right to temporarily disable or suspend any account that may pose a security risk to Mines network or data as determined by ITS. If the risk cannot be reasonably mitigated, Mines reserves the right to permanently delete any account that may pose a risk to Mines network or data.

Resources or Attachments  

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