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To work toward a more automated account removal process, IT will begin auditing computing account eligibility and removing users no longer eligible on a regular basis. 

Here's what you need to know:

What is changing?

In preparation for a more robust and flexible Identity Management system, which will automate several manual processes (self-service account recovery for example), the procedures in which accounts have been managed have been optimized and will be incrementally streamlined toward automation.

Prior to February 2020, email notifications to administrative and academic units were sent confirming accounts identified for removal, allowing for "opt-out" opportunities for users who may be returning to be removed from the account removal list. Starting in February 2020, this individual "opt-out" notification will begin to be phased out.

What does this mean?

If you are a department supervisor or administrator, you will have to work with HR or other administrative units to ensure Banner statuses are accurate and up-to-date at all times to avoid lapses in access for users.

Who will see what messages?

The process will automatically notify users of the account termination based on their mailbox status vs their Banner status.

How long will I have after I or a person in my area receive a message?

In most cases, you will have 4 days. See the process details below for more information.

What if I've submitted an HR Termination Form already and the person is showing up on your list?

IT will monitor HR Terminations data daily based on Banner as the source of record. With that said, based on when the HR Termination forms are processed, employees may still show up in this weekly audit.

  • Reminder: An HR Separation form should be completed for each employee that is leaving Mines.

How does this process work? (more detailed information)

The audit process will start on Mondays. (If campus is closed on Monday, the process will be delayed until the following business day.)

We will be comparing existing/active Office 365 mailboxes against the reports list of eligible users. The process will automatically notify users of the account termination based on their mailbox status vs their Banner status.

If a user is notified of a pending termination, departments will have the ability to work with HR or Academic Affairs to get the status updated in Banner by end of day on Thursday. (Cognos reports are based on the previous day's data in Banner.) It will be the user's responsibility to contact their department.

On Friday morning, Mines computing access will be disabled for users who were notified on Monday who are still not showing as eligible for computing access. Users who have been disabled for twenty-nine days will automatically have their data purged from Office 365, OneDrive, OneNote, Exchange e-mail, and all other Office 365 associated locations.

If someone has received an account termination notice this means that our reports are showing this user is no longer eligible for Mines computing access. This may be because their current contract has expired, their job record was terminated, or their custom role has expired. For uninterrupted Mines computing access, a new contract (paid or non-remuneration) will need to be in place in Banner by end of day Thursday. If they need to retain computing access without being an active employee they will need a new non-remuneration contract or custom role. Custom roles are approved and entered by Academic Affairs, and non-remuneration contracts are approved and entered by MAPS.

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Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other accounts (among them MultiPass) as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. In theory, that could be the same day the individual officially leaves Mines, so plan accordingly.