Articles (10)

Downloading the DUO App

This article will instruct users on how to find and download the DUO app onto their mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)

DUO and Script Blockers

ITS has found script blockers in Browsers make it look like the user is being challenged by DUO even if they are not enrolled.

DUO Display Prompt Issue

This article contains instructions to fix the issue where only a gray-box appears when users try to authenticate to a Mines-owned website on their iPhone.

MFA Self-Service Enrollment Walk-through

This document will quickly walk-through the self-service enrollment process for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) available at The vendor being used to provide this service to Mines is Duo Security.

MFA tokens and Overseas Travel

This article provides guidance for anyone concerned about traveling abroad and still being able to access Mines systems requiring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Step-by-Step: Activating DUO on a New Phone

This article explains how to activate DUO on a new phone.

Using DUO with sftp and scp Sessions

How to initiate and authenticate using DUO a sftp/scp session

What is multi-factor authentication/DUO (MFA)? How do I request it?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes accounts more secure by requiring approval via a second method (generally a mobile phone) to log into particular, critical services. DUO is the system by which Mines allows for multi-factor authentication. Use this Request Service to order new activations, FOB keys, or hardware tokens. To report lost / stolen devices or if you need a temporary bypass, please use the MFA Issues Form.

Re-synchronizing your Duo Fob

On occasion, your Duo hardware fob device might become out-of-sync with what Duo expects. The symptoms of this is the frustrating, "Invalid code" message and the failure of your login attempt. It is easy to fix, however.