MFA tokens and Overseas Travel


Concerned about using MFA while on international/overseas travel?


This is what you need to do: 

Regarding MFA tokens and overseas travel:

You may have as many devices and authentication methods (a.k.a. tokens) associated with your account as you need.  The most common and most straightforward to use is the DUO App on your phone. This mechanism is called the DUO Push, and it communicates over the Internet (cellular data or Wi-Fi). The phone number or SIM card in the phone should not alter its behavior.

An alternative mechanism is the six-digit security code – the technical term for that is a “One Time Password.”  If your phone has the DUO App installed but is unable to connect to a network via either cellular data or Wi-Fi, you can use the app to get a 6-digit code as well.

The FOB is free to you (the school pays $6-$7 each). Given how often you travel, ITS recommends that you get one from us to use as a backup. You shouldn’t ever need it, but given the challenges in supporting overseas users, it wouldn’t hurt.

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