Step-by-Step: Activating DUO on a New Phone

Accessing your DUO Account

  1. Go to a Mines website that requires MFA (i.e., Canvas)
  2. Enter your Mines multi-pass credentials
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Choose the “Call Me” option
  5. Answer the DUO phone call and click any button to authenticate
  6. You are now in your DUO account
    Left box: DUO authentication page with an orange circle surrounding the settings menu in the top-right hand corner. Middle box: Blue DUO setting menu is extending out and has a red circle around the add device option. Right box: DUO authentication menu asking user to authenticate again. There is a red circle around the call me option.

Activating DUO on your New Device

  1. Select what type of device you are activating
  2. Verify that the phone number is correct
  3. Open the DUO application on your phone
  4. Click on the ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner
  5. Scan the QR code on your screen
  6. DUO is now activated


If you are having any issues activating your phone or you changed your phone number, please enter a request ticket through the DUO Issue ticket . A member of the Mines Service Center (MSC) will help you with your issue.



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