MFA Self-Service Enrollment Walk-through


This document will quickly walk-through the easiest self-service enrollment process for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) at Mines. The vendor being used to provide this service to Mines is Duo Security – see for more details.

You need to have an available device running iOS/iPadOS or Android. If you don’t have a phone or tablet available, please visit and select the “Submit Request” button to open up a service request through ITS. Alternatively, visit the Mines Service Center (MSC) at CTLM, or call them at x2345, 303-384-2345, during staffed times where a Student Consultant will be able to assist you.


Navigate to

Navigating here will re-direct you to the Mines’ login page as in Figure 1.

Login with your regular Mines’ username and password.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Select “Login” and you should now be launched into the enrollment process starting with what is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2
Figure 2

Select "Start setup".

Enroll first device

You will next choose which device to initially enroll with. Most people will best enroll their mobile phone at this point. However, as seen below, there are other options available. The final part of this walk-through will enroll, as a second example, your office phone as a backup device.

Figure 3

For mobile phone and tablet-based enrollments, please ensure that you have the Duo Mobile application installed on your device, as per what is displayed through figure 4. To install this application visit Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store and search for “Duo Mobile”. To make sure the correct application is being installed, check that the logo is as shown in figure 4 and the app is created by Duo Security.

Figure 4

Next, following through the mobile phone enrollment path through figure 5, input your phone number and confirm it is correct with the checkbox. Select "Continue".

Figure 5

Next step, as illustrated in figure 6, is to verify ownership of the phone number. Verification can occur with a phone call (Call Me option).  This process is a fully-automated voice-call wherein your six-digit number is read out to you. Alternatively, you can have the number arrive via a text message. Input the six-digit code into the verification field and select Verify. All being well, this field will show a check-mark and enable the continue button to be pushed.

Figure 6

Enrollment completed!
You should now see the “confetti” screen as shown in figure 7, telling you that your enrollment has been successfully completed. Select "Dismiss" to see your summary screen, plus we will walk-through how to add in, as another quick example, say your office phone, or just another device, to serve as a backup in case, say, one day you forget your mobile phone (or it gets ran-over, forced through the washing-machine and is currently drying off in a tub of rice (for those non water-resistant models) ... etc.)

My Settings & Devices

You should now be looking at your, “My Settings & Devices” page, as shown in figure 8. From here you can tinker with your device’s options, as well as configure login actions. However, the defaults are a good baseline. You should only tinker once you are more comfortable with your whole MFA setup.

We are going to add a secondary – backup – device (your office phone) that will give you another way to authenticate if something untoward happens with your primary, just enrolled, device.

Figure 8

Add another device

Select the “Add another device” link through the “My Settings & Devices” window. This will bring up the screen as shown through Figure 3, “What type of device are you adding?” Select “Landline” (or a different mobile phone, tablet, or security key, e.g. hardware fob, yubikey, etc.) and select "Continue". Go through the same process as just discussed.

For the “Landline” example, the only difference between the initial mobile phone and the land-line phone is that the latter only has a “Call me” option. Select this button, answer your office phone and input the verification code into the Verify field. Once done, select "Continue".

You’ll now be looking at Figure 9 which is similar to what is shown in Figure 8, except now it also lists  your “landline” office phone – or whichever alternative device you just added – as a secondary device.

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