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Add or delete a member from a Microsoft Team or channel

How to add or delete a member from a Microsoft Team or channel

Determine Teams channel and group membership

Steps to determine Teams channel or group membership

Managing Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a variety of ways to access, receive, and manage notifications. This article shares options to adjust how, when, and where your notifications appear, as welll as custom settings for channels and chat, appearance and sounds, turning off specific messages.

Microsoft Teams: Clear Cache

If you are having issues with the MS Teams desktop application, you can try clearing the cache on your device. This may help solve some issues you may be experiencing. Below are steps to take to clear your cache on your Windows, or Mac device.

Microsoft Teams: Help & Resources

Microsoft Teams at Mines lets faculty, staff, and students collaborate in a dynamic, chat-based environment. It’s part of your school-sponsored Office365 at Mines account.

Microsoft Teams: Meeting Help Guide

Join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your calendar, via dial-in number and conference ID, or sign in as a guest on the web. Turn a conversation into a meeting with a few clicks. Add audio, video, and share your screen. If you need to hold an open meeting in your team, create a meeting in a channel. View, schedule, and manage appointments and meetings in Microsoft Teams to keep your team on track.

Microsoft Teams: Public and Private Teams and Channels

Learn about ITS recommendation for "Private" teams and how to adjust those settings.

Microsoft Teams: Recover deleted files from Teams or OneDrive

Instructions for recovering deleted files from Teams channels and OneDrive