The Colorado School of Mines has access to many software titles. That software is available to the Mines community in accordance with the license agreement for each package.

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Knowledge and How-To information about OnBase by Hyland.

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Pinned Article How to Request New Software at Mines (What is Needed and Why)

If you are prepared to request a new software purchase at Mines, you may use the New Software Request (pilot) Service to begin the submission process. If you would like to review the form questions in the process to better understand the information required prior to submitting your request, you may use the PDF version which accompanies this article.

Pinned Article Mines Software Inventory

A list of all software existing at Mines, alphabetized by title.

Pinned Article Which Software Service / Request is right for me?

Not sure which Software option to choose? No problem! We've put this guide together to help you select the software service that fits you best.

Citrix ShareFile

This article shares information about Citrix's cloud-based file transfer solution called ShareFile.

How to select the teaching ANSYS license instead of the research ANSYS license

How to select the teaching ANSYS license instead of the research ANSYS license

Library Systems

For Arthur Lakes Library staff. Submit a ticket to report issues with library software and systems.

Microsoft Office365: Add members to a team in Teams

This article provides a quick overview of how to add an individual to an existing Team using Microsoft Teams.

Obtaining Microsoft products via Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Imagine has been moved to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. This article provides information on accessing and downloading most Microsoft products for free via the new interface, including Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017.

Sharing Files Using Microsoft OneDrive and Office365

This article explains the details of how to use Microsoft's cloud-sharing and file storage solution, known as OneDrive. As a Mines student, faculty, or Staff, you will receive access to OneDrive through Microsoft's Office 365 suite.

Skillsoft Percipio

Administered by Human Resources, Percipio (formerly known as Skillsoft offers thousands of courses, videos, and books at no fee for active Mines faculty, staff, and students. Learn more.

Students: export a copy of your work from OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive

Export a copy of your work from OneNote, Class Notebook, Teams, and OneDrive

What version of X do the Linux Labs have?

How software and library versions are managed on the Linux Lab machines

Zotero Installation - Windows

This Article details how to successfully install Zotero on a Mines-owned computer using the installer downloaded from the vendor website.

Office365 Tips & Tricks for using Excel

Workshop page for Office365 Tips and Tricks for using Excel session held on October 15, 2019 from 9:40 am – 10:40 am. This session was part of a professional development series sponsored by Administrative Faculty Council leading up to the Annual Fall Luncheon.