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Get support using Mines Help Center, which can include issues with TeamDynamix (TDX), the solution managing both the Project Management (PPM) and the IT Service Management (ITSM) Ticketing system. Request assistance, additional access based on your role, or a new TDX configuration.

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Pinned Article Mines Help Center Web Address Change

Please update your bookmarks and shortcuts for Mines Help Center...

Pinned Article Mines Help Center Web Address Changes for Technicians, PPM Participants, and TDX Administrators

TDX/MHC Login information for ITS Staff, MAPS Staff/Techicians, Project/Portfolio Management participants, and TDX Administrators.

How to Use Comments in Mines Help Center [Video]

In this session of "What Does this Button Do?" We review the "Comment" Button(s) on tickets within Mines Help Center from the customer view in the client portal.

Mines Help Center Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This article is about surveys within Mines Help Center, including the general context and what we do with the feedback provided.

Mines Help Center Glossary

This glossary of terms will help define specific uses of terms within Mines Help Center, as well as Acronyms and other common phrases.

TeamDynamix Service Status Updates

Status updates on the current operational status from TeamDynamix

Understanding Comments, Notifications, and Replies when working with a Mines Help Center Ticket

This article, which was sourced directly from, explains the nuances of who will see a notification when replying to a ticket, including the answer to the question: Can the responsible group or technician for a ticket be notified when any comments are posted, even if the "notify" option is left blank?

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