Mines Help Center Glossary

This glossary of terms will help define specific uses of terms within Mines Help Center, which is powered by TeamDynamix (TDX) as well as Acronyms and other common phrases.

Glossary Contents:


Common Mines Help Center Definitions and Acronyms

Ticket - General name for Issues and Requests.

Issue - Searching through the Service Catalog, you may see some services labeled "Help with XXX Issue". An issue is something that used to work that is broken for which you would like fixed. Example: If your desktop computer will not start up. (Also see Incident below.)

Request - When you see Request in the Service Catalog, it is referring to asking for something new. For example, ask for a shared directory to be shared with a new person.

MHC - Mines Help Center

ITIL Classification Definitions

An unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the Quality of an IT Service. Failure of a Configuration Item that has not yet impacted one or more Services is also an Incident. Example: Failure of one disk from a mirror set.
Note: Incidents in Mines Help Center are referred to as "Issues" (See Above)​​​​​​​
Major Incident
An event which has significant impact or urgency for the business/organisation and which demands a response beyond the routine incident management process.
A major incident will be an incident that is either defined in the major incident procedure or which:
  • may either cause, or have the potential to cause, impact on business critical services or systems (which can be named in the major incident procedure);
  • or be an incident that has significant impact on reputation, legal compliance, regulation or security of the business/organization.
A cause of one or more Incidents. The cause is not usually known at the time a Problem Record is created, and the Problem Management Process is responsible for further investigation.
The addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT Services. The Scope should include all IT Services, Configuration Items, Processes, Documentation etc.
A collection of hardware/software documentation, Processes or other Components required to implement one or more approved Changes to IT Services. The contents of each Release are managed, tested, and deployed as a single entity.
Service Request
A request from a User for information, or advice, or for a Standard Change or for Access to an IT Service. For example to reset a password, or to provide standard IT Services for a new User. Service Requests are usually handled by a Service Desk, and do not require an RFC to be submitted.
Cloud-based service provider specializing in creating one portal for all types of Higher Education requests – from HR, to Media Services, Marketing, Facilities and IT.

Other IT Terms found within Mines Help Center: 

Named User
Context: Software Licensing - Ties the license usage of applications and/or services to an individual user. In most cases, the product and service requirements are closely associated with the named user's primary job or role. 



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