Obtaining Microsoft products via Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Imagine has been renamed and moved to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. With it comes a broader catalog of software and a different interface. This can be accessed here: https://aka.ms/devtoolsforteaching

NOTE: Microsoft Office is obtained at https://portal.office.com and is not available via Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

To access the software list and download your desired product:

  • Follow the link above, then click the blue "Sign In" button on the right side
  • This will direct you to a Microsoft account login page. Enter your mines email address.
    • NOTE: Your email address is of the format "[USERNAME]@mines.edu", where [USERNAME] is your ADIT login name.
  • Clicking next will redirect you to the CSM login page for Microsoft services. Enter your password.
    • NOTE: The password is your standard Mines password. 
  • Click "Sign In", then click "Yes" to stayed signed in. 
  • After a short wait, you will be directed to the "Education - Quick Start" page of the Azure dashboard.
    • NOTE: This page does not have a link in the Azure dashboard at this time. If you navigate out of it, starting these instructions over will bring you back quickly.
  • Click the "Software" link in the second column on the left.
  • Select the name of the software you want. Searching can be done by the search box and filters directly above the software list.
    • NOTE: This list includes a lot of software. A combination of keyword search and filters may be required to find the exact product you want.
    • NOTE: Windows 10 has multiple versions available. Windows 10 Education, Version xxxx is the currently recommended version to obtain.
  • A panel on the right will open. For most products, there will be a description, a few attributes of this software version, a blue "View Key" button, and two blue buttons at the very bottom, one "Download" and one "Cancel". The "View Key" button will reveal a product key to activate the product, while "Download" will download the installer for the product. 
    • NOTE: Many products are provided in standard .iso disc image format. This can be written to a USB drive via tools such as Rufus or mounted as a virtual DVD drive in Windows 10.
    • NOTE: You are only provided one key per product. Every time you view a key for a product you will receive the same key.

Installation will vary depending on what product you are trying to install. If you need assistance or run into an issue with obtaining or installing software, help is available in person at the MSC in CTLM 156A, over the phone by dialing (303) 384-2345, or via a helpdesk ticket.

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