How to Request New Software at Mines (What is Needed and Why)


The Solution

If you are prepared to request a new software purchase at Mines, you may use the New Software Request Service to begin the submission process. If you would like to review the form questions in the process to better understand the information required prior to submitting your request, you may use the PDF version which accompanies this article. 

You may also download the Vendor Request Form prior since that information will need to be collected after submission (but prior to process completion). 


Background: Why is this Information Required?

In order to provide the Mines community with the most up-to-date and relevant software options, while simultaneously adhering to sustainable practice, information needs to be collected upfront for documentation and review purposes; the acquisition process will move forward more quickly with this information.

Below are reasons why the software process is required:

  • Software that meets the business need might already exist on campus and can be identified and implemented quickly.
  • Security and privacy risks must be identified and mitigated for students and employees.
  • Technology resources must be available and sufficient for the execution of the software.
  • License agreements must be in compliance.
  • Compatibility with other systems on campus must be verified.
  • Support for campus technology must be ensured to be provided.

The software review process is a necessary component for our organization to have uniformity and continuity, and ensure the security of Mines students and employees. Failing to properly vet and properly review software can create expensive problems, such as contract conflicts, non-University and State rates, unintended Mines or employee acceptance to terms and conditions, unapproved software use, and opening vulnerabilities in Mines' personal and financially-linked data systems.

The new process is being moved to a fully electronic process to ensure that software can be fully reviewed by all relevant and necessary Mines personnel prior to its installation.  This more efficient method will allow quicker and greater communication across departments to ensure a quicker path to purchase, installation, and ultimately use.  The new process will keep campus end-users better informed and aware of the process and any cause of delays.



Members of the Mines community who will request a software acquisition review must first understand the paths it may take:

  • Consultation (If Yet Unsure):
    • To discuss software needs if unsure of the best solution, please complete a consultation request. ITS staff will work with you to find the best solution and answer any questions you may have prior to completing a New Software Request.
  • Project Request/RFP (For Large Requests):
    • Software costing over $50,000 or more over a five-year period or with a campus-wide impact must also be submitted as a Project Request. Significant cost or scope will require further prioritization and (most likely) a Formal Request for Proposals [RFP] from vendors.

If neither the Consultation or Project Request/RFP are necessary, please review the form questions and gather the proper information prior to completing the software request. We encourage you to work with the vendor to gather accurate information; please submit an ITS Consultation request if you need assistance. After gathering the necessary information, complete the request form here in the Mines Help Center. Please be aware that after submitting the request, the request review team may follow-up with additional questions along with a questionnaire for the vendor.


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