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How to Submit a Mines Help Center Ticket (Tutorial Video)

This knowledge base article shares the 2019 visual tutorial for How to submit a Mines Help Center support request.

What is a Mines MultiPass?

MultiPass is the single master account for most major computer systems at Mines. Depending on your campus roles and affiliations, it may provide access to several services.

Work for ITS - Mines Service Center Consultant Information

Information regarding the ITS Mines Service Center Support Consultant.

How do I change my password?

In the past, computer users at Mines may have had different passwords for various computer accounts. In March 2015, most of those accounts were consolidated under a single set of credentials referred to as the "MultiPass." To reset your Mines MultiPass, visit and follow the prompts. This process will reset what were once separate passwords -- Trailhead, MultiPass, and ADIT -- to a single MultiPass password.

How do I access my files on a network drive such as Z: or Y:?

Learn how to access data on network drives such as "Home" or "Files"

Connecting to CSMWireless

Instructions on how to get connected to CSMWireless, the main campus wifi.

Connecting to eduroam

The Mines eduroam wireless network gives you an encrypted wireless connection on campus, and access to the wireless networks of other participating institutions and organizations while traveling. It can be used in place of the standard Mines campus network CSMwireless.