DUO Display Prompt Issue


When accessing Mines owned websites through a mobile app like Canvas or eMail, iPhone users may experience an authentication error. After logging in with their Mines credentials, instead of the DUO prompt the user will see a gray-box. To fix the authentication error issue, the user must change their Web Content restrictions setting.


  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Find and click the Screen Time settings
  3. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Choose Content Restrictions
  5. Finally, select Web Content
  6. Select Unrestricted Access

*If a user does not want to fully disable content restrictions, they can allow duosecurity.com within the Content Restrictions page on the iOS device. This will allow the Duo Prompt to display even if content restrictions are enabled.

If the problem still persists after changing the Web Content settings, please enter a Help Desk ticket through this form.

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Mon 7/19/21 1:43 PM
Tue 7/20/21 4:29 PM