Which Software Service / Request is right for me?

Not sure which Software option to choose? No problem! Based on the scenario that best describes what you need, use the corresponding service to get your request moving the fastest. While not all scenarios will fit cleanly into one category, most will tie more closely to one of the following: 

Scenario #1 - Software License Acquired and needs to be deployed via network registration or a license server:
This may also include an acquired license that needs adjustment in amounts or installation.

Network License Installation & Management

Scenario #2 - Software License Acquired and needs to be installed locally:

This includes acquired license for an individual end-user device such as a laptop or desktop:

Computer Software Installation or Upgrade

Scenario #3 - Software had previously been acquired but needs to be renewed: 

This includes the renewal of licenses that have been reviewed through the New Software Acquisitions Process, and now will need to be moved through this shorter annual review process for risk assessment. Procurement may be involved in this process. 

Software License Renewal Request

Scenario #4 - Request for software that doesn't exist on campus currently or software that has not already undergone the software review process, describe

This is an approval process in order to verify the software meets recommended guidelines and standards. This service should be used for new and renewing software, if the software has not yet undergone the New Software Purchase or Acquisitions Request process. Mines Procurement is notified and involved in this process.

New Software Acquisition Request


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Installation and updates of network (floating or shared) licenses.
Prior to purchasing or installing software, a review process is required to ensure that software used at Mines complies with a variety of Mines policies, requirements and best practices. Use this service to initiate that process. Please be prepared prior to starting the submission process, as the form requires specific pieces of information and can not be saved for retrieval and later edits.