When will my email (or other) Mines computing access expire and be removed?

Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other computing access, like MultiPass and ADIT, as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. That means that a users access to Mines computing resources would typically dissolve that same day. This article will help you navigate access expiration and prep beforehand. 

When will I lose email and other computing access?

Generally, a student's access expires as soon as they drop off the registered students report, which could be as soon as the day after classes end. You will receive a notice, sent to your Mines email address when your access is scheduled to be removed.

If you will not be registered for one or more semesters and do not have an official leave of absence indicated in your record; the Registrar or Grad Office will need to add a placeholder to your student record for your access to remain open. 

  • For students participating in study-abroad programs, internships, and other programs that cause their enrollment records to appear inactive, you may be notified that your email access is scheduled to be removed. If you receive this notification in these circumstances, please:
    • Contact the appropriate office (e.g., Education Abroad office, Registrar, or Grad office) and request a placeholder be added to your student record.
    • Submit an IT Service Desk Email Request before the deadline in your notice to ensure that your service is not interrupted.
  • If you have graduated from Mines with a degree, then you are eligible for a Mines Alumni email account. This account uses the same email address and login information your Exchange mailbox uses. You will receive a "Mines Alumni Account Offer" email after you graduate--simply respond to the message and request the account. 
  • Faculty and staff access will usually be removed based on information received from Human Resources. Arrangements to maintain employee accounts will be based on specific circumstances and guidance from the appropriate Vice President and the Office of Legal Affairs.

What should I expect once my access is terminated?

  • Any email sent to your name@mines.edu addresses will bounce. 
  • All data in your Office 365 and other IT-managed computing services will be deleted. It is your responsibility to back up your data before this happens. Note: we do not back up your data. Once it's gone, it's gone, and not recoverable.
  • All documents you have shared with people will be deleted. This means that all documents you've shared with others will no longer be available.
  • Even if you expect to return later in the future, don't expect that your old data will be available. It will not be available, nor can it be restored. 
  • Trailhead access is not terminated at the same time other Mines computing access is terminated. Access to Trailhead generally extends to two years after you leave.

What should I do before my access is terminated?

  • Backup all data that is important. Export or copy your email messages, export your calendar data, export your contacts, and download OneDrive documents and other Office 365 data to a local hard drive.
    • Do not share your documents to another account. These documents will be deleted, which will eliminate your ability to view shared documents. 
  • Any external logins or recovery information using your Mines address should be updated to another, non-Mines email address. 
    • Once your account is terminated you will no longer be able to access anything sent to your name@mines.edu email addresses. If you have set your name@mines.edu email address as your recovery address for non-Mines services, once your Mines access is terminated, it will no longer work.
  • For everything you've done and need, double-check and verify twice.


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