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Services or Offerings?
You may install software using this request for a new Software Install or upgrade.

Use this service to renew the license or licenses for existing software that was approved previously.

Access for Downloadable Software Products.

Request ITS installation of Adobe Software. Instructions for purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Prior to purchasing or installing software, a review process is required to ensure that software used at Mines complies with a variety of Mines policies, requirements and best practices. Use this service to initiate that process. Please be prepared prior to starting the submission process, as the form requires specific pieces of information and can not be saved for retrieval and later edits.

Something isn't working with a computer, peripheral, or a program.

Request assistance with visualization-related research needs. Including hardware and software accessibility, data wrangling, colormaps, scene, video and animation creation.

Use this service to report an issue with Microsoft Azure Dev Tools (Formerly Imagine) or VMAP. The Mines subscription gives students access to download select academic Microsoft software applications for free or at a reduced cost.

Report digital signage issues when something is not working the monitors, content players, or other distribution of streaming media. Including monitors not syncing, broadcasting, or displaying content properly or any other unexpected disruption to the content management software.

If you'd like to see something new in Mines Help Center or require additional new access to the software appliance, you may submit a ticket to contact the ITS system administrators for this service.

Use this service for help with VDI/VTL offerings - particularly if you are using this in regards to a Mines Online course. Using a Virtual Desktop environment allows students to access and run specialized software they might not otherwise have access to on their personal computers.

Installation and updates of network (floating or shared) licenses.

Something is broken or not working in a computer lab.

Request access to technology in a specific classroom.

Microsoft Teams at Mines lets faculty, staff, and students collaborate in a chat-centered environment. It’s part of your school-sponsored Office365 at Mines account.