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Requirements to Complete this Process:

  • Username from Mines ""
  • Mobile device or something to install DUO Authenticator
  • Password for above account (see welcome email).

Access using the web browser:

  1. Log in to Login with your email address and password
  2. Setup DUO. Please refer to the following KB
  3. Click on the Cloud VDI Icon on the page. 
  5. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)You will be prompted for your DUO credentials. 
  6. Click Detect Workspace or you click "Use web Browser" The  web version does not require you to install anything but has limited functionality.
  7. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Click the check box for the citrix License agreement. Then click the download button.
  8. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Then click continue
  9. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)In the downloads folder run the "CitrixWorksapceApp" installer.
  10.  After the installer is finished refresh the page and on the popup click the button for Always allow and Click "Open Citrix Workspace Launcher"
  11. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Click on the virtual desktop as advisted by your instructor.
  12. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


For additional questions about Cloud VDI please visit:


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