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Steps to configure manual Windows Updates for ADIT domain member workstations.
This article outlines the steps needed to restart the Windows Printer Spool service when it has been disabled previously, which was recommended due to the PrintNightmare vulnerability.
Most computers can be configured to run more than one operating system. Windows, macOS, and Linux (or multiple copies of each) can happily coexist on one physical computer. There are two basic strategies available for installing multiple operating systems on a single computer..
This Step-by-Step document describes how to find what version of Windows is installed on your computer.
Microsoft Imagine has been moved to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. This article provides information on accessing and downloading most Microsoft products for free via the new interface, including Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017.
On both our Windows and Linux lab machines, the monitor arrangement can be adjusted by end users.