Remote Desktop Guide | Windows

1.  Connect to the Mines Network. 

To remotely connect to your physical computer located on the Mines campus, you must be connected directly to the Mines network.  To connect to the Mines network, you must first be connected with remote access (VPN).

If you have yet to configure remote access on your computer, please refer to these Knowledge Base articles:

Remote Access Instructions | Windows VPN Remote Access Instructions | MacOS VPN


2. Identify the Windows computer name you are wanting to connect to.

To find your computer name, navigate to the Windows log in screen.  If you are currently logged into your computer, simply lock or log out from the machine. Often, you will have to select "Other User" to display a blank "User Name" field.

At the log in screen, enter ".\" without quotation marks into the "User name" field.  When this is typed into the "User name" field, Windows will display the machine's "Computer Name" below the password field.

Unable to get onto campus to check your computer's name? 

Request Client Support

3. Establishing a Remote Desktop Session

Press the "Windows key" or select the start menu.

Type "rdp" without quotation marks.  You will see this populate "Remote Desktop Connection" in the search area.

Select "Remote Desktop Connection"

Enter the name of the computer you are wanting to connect to.

Select "Connect"

Enter your Mines ADIT Multipass password. 

Select "OK" and wait for the connection to establish.

You will now see the remote desktop.

Notice, on the top of the desktop, you'll see a blue bar on the top of the screen with the computer's name.  This indicates you have established a connection.

4. Ending a Remote Desktop Session

Important!  To end the remote desktop session, please Sign Out of the machine you have created a remote connection to. 

Please, DO NOT simply close the program (via the blue bar on top)

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