Accommodations in Canvas for Students with Disabilities

Instructors may receive notifications that students enrolled in their courses are registered for services with Disability Support Services (DSS) and are approved for academic accommodations. Academic accommodations are approved by DSS for students with disabilities, in accordance with federal and state laws, on an individual basis and are designed to ensure access to Mines' courses, programs, and activities.

This article contains instructions for using Canvas to fulfill some common types of requests for accommodation. If you have questions or need help providing an accommodation through Canvas, please submit an Accessibility help request.

Give Extra Time on Quizzes or Exams

You can use the Moderate Quiz page for published quizzes in Canvas to allow extra time for quiz attempts for specific students without having to create a different quiz.

Instructions for allowing extra time on quizzes

Make a Quiz or Exam Available at a Different Time

If a student needs to take a quiz or exam at a different time than others in their class or section due to an accommodation, you can assign a quiz to a student and change the due and availability dates for that student.

Instructions for changing quiz due dates and availability dates

Give Extra Time on Assignments

If students need a different due date or availability date for assignments, you can edit those dates for specific students.

Instructions for changing assignment due dates and availability dates

Complete Online Exams in Paper Only

If you need to print out a copy of a quiz from Canvas or export a PDF to upload to DSS, please submit a Canvas ticket to ITS at least 24 hours before you need the printed version. Using the Canvas Preview function or the browser print feature may not capture all the questions and responses available in the digital quiz.

Submit a Canvas ticket to ITS


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