Google Workplace for Education Suite First Time Login for Unmanaged Accounts

Issue: Your account that you previously used to login to Google has now been migrated to the Mines Domain.  

This has happened for two reasons:  

  • Mines is restarting the use of GSuite apps which requires a Mines account, and  

  • Per cybersecurity best practices all emails must be managed within the Mines Domain. 

Step 1: When you first sign in to your google account with your it will ask you to choose between two accounts. You will need to log into both, but for now log into the Personal account 

  • The Personal Google account is where your data resides. Click on this option to be walked through how to access your data and where it will be housed. 

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  • The Google Workspace account is the new Mines managed account. It will not have any of your data from your previously unmanaged account.  You will see this welcome message when you first login. Please click “I Understand” to be taken to the dashboard. 

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Step 3: After clicking on “Personal Account” you will be required to choose where you want to move your personal data. 

  • “An Account with Gmail and new Gmail address” will prompt you through creating a new gmail account. Once created your data will be available for use. 

  • “An account that uses a non-Google email” will have you use one of your preexisting emails (@hotmail, @icloud, etc) as your login credentials into the Google Drive where your data is stored.  You will have Google Drive capability without having to create a new gmail account. 

  • The “Do this later” button will take you to the temp account where your data is stored.  

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This temp account will have an address that is your Mines Click the “Manage your Google Account” to access the dashboard and your data. From here you will need to follow the 2 video tutorials to show you how to 1) export/download and 2) reupload your Mines-specific data to the Mines doman ( account.  

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