Frequently asked questions about the Canvas integration with the Mines mobile app ("The M")

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Is Canvas integrated with “The M”?

Yes, ITS has been working to provide improved access to services frequently used by students at Mines. As part of an initiative to make the Mines mobile app (called The M) more useful, an integration with Canvas was configured starting Fall 2021 semester.

What is the benefit of accessing or using Canvas from The M?

The Canvas integration is great for quickly sending a message to a classmate or checking your Canvas calendar while on the go. 

What features and functionality is available with the Canvas/M integration?

The integration isn’t designed to replace the Canvas Student or Teacher mobile apps, but rather quick access to do things like:

  • View Canvas courses and information—including pages, modules and grades
  • View and send Canvas inbox messages
  • View and post to discussions
  • View the Canvas calendar, assignments and quizzes

What features are NOT available with the Canvas/M integration?

Submitting of Canvas assignments and quizzes is not available in the Canvas integration with The M. Viewing assignment and quiz information is possible, but students are required to use Canvas via a web browser or dedicated Canvas mobile app in order to submit assignments and quizzes. 

How do I access the Canvas integration in The M?

  • Install The M on your device and select the correct persona (undergraduate, etc.) 
  • Tap on the Menu icon in the upper right corner
  • Tap on the “Canvas Home" link
  • If you’ve not logged in previously, tap the “Canvas Access” button
  • If prompted, enter your Mines username and password and tap “Login”
  • Tap “Authorize” to allow The M to access your Canvas account
  • You will then be taken to the Canvas integration dashboard
  • Tap the preferred icon to interact with Canvas

How can I log out of the Canvas integration?

  • Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the app
  • Tap the link “signed in as…”
  • If prompted, tap the link for Canvas
  • You will receive a confirmation message stating “you have signed out of Canvas”

How can I remove access from the Canvas integration from The M?

Access your Canvas profile settings from a web browser and delete all access tokens under the Approved Integrations heading associated with “Modolabs”.

Can I use the Canvas integration with The M along with the Canvas Student App?

Yes, students can access Canvas via The M or in the native Canvas Student App— whichever is most effective or convenient. However, it is not recommended to use that integration and Canvas student app at the same time (e.g. Canvas integration open on your iphone while also using the Canvas Student App on your ipad)

I’m an Instructor or Teaching Assistant, can I use the Canvas integration?

The Canvas integration features are the same for anyone at Mines, regardless of your role in Canvas. As a result, teaching assistants and Instructors can also use the integration to send inbox messages, view the Canvas calendar, etc. However, teaching assistants and Instructors are also not able to grade or interact with assignments or quizzes in the Canvas/M integration. For additional engagement and facilitation, Instructors and teaching assistants should access Canvas via a web browser or via the Canvas Teacher app. 


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