How to Change or Segment Your Direct Deposit

What is it?

All employees are required by Colorado State law to receive their pay via direct deposit. 

You may also have your pay segmented and deposited into separate accounts. (Checking, Savings, etc.)

Who can use it?

Staff, Faculty, Mines Employed Graduate Students, Mines Employed Undergraduate Students

Where to get it?

Due to the sensitivity of personal banking information, you must either complete the process in person at the MAPS Office or via Trailhead.,

How to use it?

In Person

To set up your direct deposit in person, you can download and complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

The State of Colorado also requires a Government Issued Photo ID and Voided Check or a Direct Deposit Authorization Form from the employee's bank.

Bring the required documents in person to the MAPS Office, Guggenheim Hall, Suite 224. 

Trailhead Self-Service Direct Deposit Allocations

A new feature to the Employee Self-Service module has been configured for Mines’ employees.  You can now add, modify, and/or delete your direct deposit information through Banner Self-Service rather than physically meeting with MAPS or filling out paperwork. 

There are two sections in the Employee Self-Service module to change your direct deposit information.  First is your payroll information:

  1. Navigate to and log in with your credentials.
  2. On the left side of the page, click on “Employee”, then select Employee Self-Service:

  1. In your Employee Dashboard, you will then navigate to Pay Information and then Direct Deposit Information:

  1. In the Direct Deposit Information page, your most current allocation will be listed first.  If you need to make any changes to your current direct deposit information, you will make those changes in the Proposed Pay Distribution section. 

Actions you can initiate are: Add New allocation, delete current allocation, modify current allocation.

  1. Please be very careful in entering new routing or account numbers.  Banner can provide simple checks to data entered and may provide error messages for some incorrect entries.  For routing numbers, Banner has stored all major routing numbers but if you enter a smaller, local bank routing number that is not in the system, you will receive an error.  Please contact MAPS at if you receive an error. In this situation, you may need to come to the MAPS Office with ID to make your changes.   

If you enter an incorrect account number, one of two things will happen:

  • The account number will not be recognized and our bank will reject the deposit.  
  • If the incorrect number entered into Banner is a real account number, the bank will deposit the funds into that account.  Only once an employee contacts MAPS will the funds be withdrawn from the incorrect account and placed in the correct one. 

To add/modify/delete your Accounts Payable (A/P) direct deposit information, you will navigate to the same screen as your payroll direct deposit information.  The A/P information is located at the bottom of the page under “Account Payable Deposit”. 

Banner only allows one account for A/P deposits.  If you need to change the current allocation Mines has on file, first delete the information from Self-Service and then add your new information.  

After you’ve completed all edits to your direct deposit information, check the box on the very bottom of the page and save your changes.  Any changes made within 10 days of payday may NOT be processed in time for the current pay period. If you have an urgent need for the change and it is within the 10 days, please contact the MAPS Office.

In an attempt to prevent any unauthorized changes to your direct deposit information, we have created two safeguards for this process. 

  • First, you will receive an automated email immediately after any changes are confirmed in self-service.  If you did not initiate a change to your direct deposit, please contact MAPS immediately.
  • Second, the MAPS office will contact you after any changes are made to your direct deposit allocations in Self-Service.  They will not have access to any information you’ve supplied in the self-service page, this is just a security check to ensure any changes made to your direct deposit information was done by the account holder.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the MAPS Office at 303-273-3166 or

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