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We would like to convert our PDF Student Award Form into an OnBase form and workflow. The form can be entered in 2 ways - 1. through our website 2. through a link on the Grad Fellowship Contract workflow. Once completed, the form would be routed to Financial Aid and then end in Bursar.
tdx ticket 12893556

Could add a link to the Grad Contract form, once complete. Takes out the tuition and fees need for some of fellowships. This particular award allows them to pay feeds. Can add a new award to a student through a certain index that allows them to pay their fees. Can continue path with grad contract, then complete this request. Afterwards, we will update the grad contract with the link to the newly created form (from this request).
Tue 3/24/2020 9:06 AM

Discussions with the Bursar's Office (Jenny Phou), Financial Aid (Jill Robertson, Anne Rusk, and Sham Tzegai) and an Academic Dept. Representative (Dorothy Cheng) took place in mid-April (Apr. 13th & 15th) to determine overall business needs and possible alignment with the Graduate Contracts Project (Project ID: 399196). After further exploration, we have determined that the request to transform the Student Award Form into an OnBase form/workflow will exclude the Graduate Fellowship Contract (for Living Expenses) and is therefore not high priority at this time. Therefore, we are temporarily placing this request on hold until a timeline is determined.
Notified: Jennifer Phou <jphou@mines.edu>
Thu 5/28/2020 8:05 AM

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