Alumni Email "Email Address for Life" Option

For those of you who have already graduated in a previous class please complete the form at Service - Alumni Email Access Request... (


Attention graduating students: Want to keep your email address after graduation? Now you can!

Information & Technology Solutions (ITS) is pleased to announce this service in response to student demand for a “Mines email address for life.” But be aware: Setting up your new Alumni email address will require your deliberate action and attention prior to departure.  This e-mail account is hosted on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Near the end of each semester, upcoming graduates will receive an email invitation to request an Alumni “email-for-life” account.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to claim your Mines Alumni Email account. During, or soon after, the checkout process for graduation…

1. Log into the Mines Identity Self-Service portal ( with your Mines MultiPass and set a recovery email address and your password-recovery questions.  Select Manage Your Account > Change/Update Your Account Recovery Information.  This should be a non-Mines email address like Outlook Mail, Apple Mail, Yahoo! Mail, a personal Gmail account — anything that does not end in This address will be used in the event you forget your Mines Alumni email password.

2. Log into your Trailhead account ( with your Mines MultiPass and click General Self-Service (on the left) > Personal Information. Update the Personal Email Address and insert the same Personal Email Address used above via the Edit or Add New menu (if it isn’t already in place). This will be used in the event you forget your Mines Alumni Email password.

3. Eligible individuals will receive an offer e-mail prior to graduation. This e-mail will have instructions on how to request the new Alumni account. This e-mail will not ask you for personal information, to verify your identity, or to supply password information.

4. Once your Alumni email account is established you may manually move your existing MyMail (email, calendar, and contacts) to it if you like. Your MyMail account and all its contents will cease to exist directly after graduation, so please attend to this step well before your last day on campus. 





Bookmark and visit this web page periodically for news and announcements as we ramp up the new Mines Alumni Email system.

Questions about Alumni email? Visit the Mines Service Center (MSC) in CT156, or the ITS SatellITe station in Arthur Lakes Library. Call the MSC at 303.384.2345. Or contact ITS online via the Mines Help Center

Mines “email address for life” gives you access to an email address.  It does not give access to the school’s VPN, to resources accessible to current students via MultiPass, or to Library Proxy resources. This is email, pure and simple.


Looking to share your email address with employers or other contacts for their post-Mines career? 

Here are some tips:

  • addresses will be removed for people no longer at Mines.  No forwarding is allowed
  •  CAN be forwarded but only to an address
  • Google hosted accounts *MAY* be moved to exchange at some point in the future.  That means the address will no longer work and will revert back to the address.

^^^^  because of all of the points mentioned above, the safest address to use may be your address.


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