Connecting to eduroam

Connect to the eduroam wireless network at the Colorado School of Mines, and any participating institution, by entering your full e-mail address (e.g. and your Mines password. 

Note: If you enter your username instead of your full e-mail address, eduroam will NOT allow you to connect.

For more information on where eduroam is available for use, please go to

For more general information on eduroam please go to

Not all devices support connecting to eduroam, as it requires the device to input both a username (your full Mines e-mail address) and a password to authenticate. If your device does not support this, try connecting to the 'Mines' wireless network by following the instructions found here.

Connecting via ethernet in Mines residence buildings? You will need to register your device with Netreg by following the instructions found here.


Password caching in eduroam sometimes causes problems or lockouts when changing your Mines password or if you need to change your username to your e-mail address. Depending on the device this can be particularly tricky as some devices will fail to connect to eduroam and then try the next available network (Mines). If the device is registered everything looks good to the user unless they happen to look at which network they are using. If you are experiencing this problem or you need to update your username to your e-mail address, please be sure to FORGET the eduroam wireless network, and then reconnect with the correct information.


Windows 11:  

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