Connecting to CSMWireless

CSMWireless is our main campus network, it provides access to all campus resources such as labs, file server, and printers. This network is also useful if your device doesn't allow you to enter a username and password that is required when connecting to Eduroam.

Please note you will also need to follow these steps when connecting a device to an Ethernet port in Mines Residence Halls.

To connect your device:

1. On your laptop or other wireless device with a web browser, connect to the CSMwireless network first.

2. Start your web browser and visit

3. Read and acknowledge (at the bottom of the page) the Mines Network Registration agreement. Tap “Submit.”

4. Complete the form and sign in with your MultiPass username and password.

  • Your MAC address may be filled in already, if it shows 00:00:00:00:00 then you need to find your device's MAC Address (Please note your device may have two MAC Addresses, one for wifi and one for ethernet, register the one for whichever type of connection you will use)
  • Your username is the portion of your Mines email address before the @ symbol.
  • Your MultiPass is the main password you use to access email, Trailhead

                        Canvas, Windows lab computers, and many other resources on the Mines campus.

5. Wait about 5 minutes or disable/reenable your WiFi. If this does not work, reboot your device and try again.

If you are registering another device such as a game console or media device, locate the MAC Address of the device and complete the form at from a device that is already registered on CSMWireless or connected to EduRoam

Need some help? It happens to the best of us, click here to contact the Mines Service Center (MSC) to get assistance or give us a call at (303) 384-2345 and a consultant can assist you with getting connected.


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