Student worker access to shared mailboxes

Student workers who need access to a shared mailbox must first have their supervisor request access. You, the student worker, should not make the request.   


Getting signed in:

1. Go to and login with your regular account username and password.


To open a shared mailbox:

1. Click on the circle in the upper right corner.  This is the circle with your initials or photo. 


3. Enter the shared mailbox's e-mail address then click OPEN. 

If you encounter an error then most likely you do not have access to the mailbox.  Check with your supervisor and verify they have requested you have access to the shared mailbox.  DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS yourself.  We will not honor requests from students.  Your supervisor must be the person requesting access. 


When your supervisor requests access they will be required to provide an end date for that access.  On the date provided by the supervisor, we will terminate access to the shared mailbox you were given access to.  If you return as a student worker your supervisor will need to request access again since any access will no longer be applicable.  

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