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Whether it be for taking laptops and computers home or just setting up new profile that didn't exist previously. This article reviews how to add shared mailboxes to their outlook profiles to various instances of Microsoft Outlook. The steps are no different than while on campus.  

If you want to copy and paste, the instructions are outlined below. The first, Outlook for Windows, is done as a secondary account to help with searching content and automatically have the “from” dropdown box available when composing messages. The old method (adding an additional mailbox in the advanced settings) still works but this is just a better way of doing it.


To access a shared mailbox in Outlook for Windows

Add as a secondary account in your main profile in Outlook for Windows:

  • Go to File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> NEW

  • Enter the e-mail address of the shared mailbox then click Connect    (No other boxes should be filled out; leave them blank)

  • When it says "Sign in with your Organizational Account" put in YOUR e-mail address and password.   Sign In

  • If you are enrolled in DUO then you'll be prompted on your phone or DUO device to login

  • It will then say "We are getting things ready"

  • It will then say "Account setup is complete"

  • Go to File -> Exit 

  • Wait ten seconds

  • Restart Outlook  (once outlook is restarted it will download the shared mailbox so it may take a bit before all the messages are available)

    *) If you see an encryption error when adding the mailbox look at the ** below.  Most likely your Office install will need to be upgraded.  Use the below web instructions in the interim. 


To access a shared mailbox on the web

  • Go to and login with your e-mail address
  • When your mailbox opens click the circle in the upper right hand corner.  Usually this has your initials in it.
  • Choose OPEN ANOTHER MAILBOX and search for the shared mailbox you need to open.  Open it.
  • A new tab will open and you'll be in the mailbox.


To access a shared mailbox in Outlook for Mac:

  • Click on Outlook and make sure "New Outlook" is not checked.  Uncheck it if you are using New Outlook otherwise you cannot add a shared mailbox. 
  • Click Outlook -> Preferences -> Accounts.
  • Click the + at the bottom of the window -> New Account
  • Enter the e-mail address of the mailbox you need to access  (example   in the e-mail box then CONTINUE.
  • On the SIGN IN page ERASE the e-mail address that it populates and add your own e-mail address and password.    Click DONE when prompted.
  • On the left hand side of the mail window where all of your e-mails are shown in outlook look at the folder list and find the shared mailbox name (such as  Click the > button to expand the folder.


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