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How to Set Up the Voice Mail to Email Feature


1.  Connect to the Mines Network. 

To configure your Mines extension's voice mail to email you must be connected directly to the Mines network.  This means you can configure voice mail to email while on campus, or by connecting with remote access (VPN).

If you have yet to configure remote access on your computer, please refer to these Knowledge Base articles:

Remote Access Instructions | Windows VPN Remote Access Instructions | MacOS VPN

2.  Log in to SIPfoundry

Link: https://minesvoicemail.mines.edu

Username: Your 4 digit extension

Default Password: 8888xxxx  (xxxx = your 4 digit extension)


Log in previously and forgot your password?  Request a reset:

Voicemail Support

3.  Change the Default Password

Once Logged in Select the “MY INFORMATION” tab on top

Select the “Unified Messaging” link on the left

Passwords are editable in the "Unified Messaging" area.

  1. The "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields are for the web portal log in and must be 8 or more alphanumeric characters.
  2. The "Voicemail Pin" and "Confirm Voicemail Pin" fields are for logging in via your telephone and must be a numeric entry of at least 4 digits.

4.  Set Up Primary E-mail

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Select "E-mail notification" from first drop down field option.
  3. Change "E-mail format" to "Brief" on second drop down field option.
  4. Select the "Attach audio" check box option.
  5. Select "Apply" to save changes.

Forward and Delete Message from Voicemail Inbox
This check box will move the message to your trash folder (deleted items) and turn off the message light on your phone if the message is successfully forwarded to your email. If unsuccessful the message light on your physical phone will remain lit.


Still need help?

Voicemail Support

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