OrePrint - How to Use

What is OrePrint?

OrePrint is our campus-wide printing service. It's easy and simple to use! First, have a file to print and then submit it to the OrePrint queue by following the instructions in the "How do I use OrePrint" section below, then find a release station (located in most buildings across campus) to initiate the printing. 

OrePrint location map.

OrePrint is funded by student tech fees, so what does that mean for you? Each student's account is funded from the Tech Fee with a balance of $8 at the beginning of each semester. If you run out of credit at any time, you can add credit to your balance using a credit card by following the instructions in the "Adding Funds" section below, any funds added by yourself will roll over throughout your duration at Mines.


How do I use OrePrint?

You can use OrePrint by:


Adding Funds:

You can use a Credit Card to add funds! Start by logging into OrePrint at https://oreprint.mines.edu and select "Add Credit":

OrePrint - Add Credit

Then, choose the amount desired and click "Add value":

From there, follow the CASHnet prompts, once you've completed the credit card transaction, click "Sign Out" to finish the OrePrint transaction:

Then you'll see the funds in your OrePrint account; you can also see it in the Transaction History portion of OrePrint as well:


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