Microsoft Office Applications: Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word

All Microsoft Products

Products: Office, Office 365, Office 365 Pro Plus, OneDrive for Business, Windows, Project, Publisher, Visual Basic, Visio and many others.


Current Version: Depends on individual software package.

Platforms: Depends on the specific product. Some software packages, like Office, are available for Mac users and others may only be available for Windows.

Availability: Microsoft products are installed in all IT-managed labs.

Licensing: Microsoft Office 365, Office 365 Pro Plus, and other Microsoft software — as well as upgrades for Microsoft Windows — are now available free under school-wide site licenses. No purchase is necessary. Other specialized Microsoft products used by Mines staff for productivity and business purposes on school-owned computers (e.g., Visio, Project) may need to be downloaded or purchased separately. These products are available for installation on school-owned computers only. This licensing method is not available to machines not owned by Mines. For personally owned computers, non-teaching use, academic discounts for Visio, Project and other speciality programs may be available.

All Microsoft products, with the exception of Microsoft Office, that are used by faculty and students to enhance the educational experience may be acquired for free through the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program. This program is only available to faculty and students currently enrolled in classes.

Visit our Office 365 overview page for details on creating your Office 365 account and downloading Office 365 Pro Plus to your personally owned computer.
Visit our Azure Dev Tools knowledge base article for details on downloading Microsoft operating systems and other software other than Office.
For staff and non-teaching use of speciality programs like Visio or Project, you must first purchase a license (see details below), then submit a support request to the Mines Help Center and IT can help you install the software.  For school computers you can purchase a license online from the Insight software website. From the home screen go to “Company Standards” and then to “Microsoft.”

If you’d like to purchase Microsoft Software for Mines owned computers, you can contact IT or CDW-G directly:

Brett Johnson
Executive Account Manager | CDW-G
120 S. Riverside Plaza | Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 866.465.9917 | Fax: 312.705.6456

Note: Microsoft products obtained through the State of Colorado program are only available for school owned computers and only under the terms of the State of Colorado Academic Contract.

Note: Any information stored on your Office 365 OneDrive for Business should be for school use only. If you wish to create your own personal Office 365 account, register for it directly at using a non-Mines email address (that way, your Mines and personal Office 365 accounts will not become confused).

Frequency of Updates: Microsoft updates their software routinely as security issues are discovered. Make sure to set your Windows Operating System to automatically obtain Microsoft Updates. If you need help with that, please submit a Mines Help Center support request for assistance.

Documentation: Available on Microsoft’s website.

In case of difficulties running the software in a Mines IT managed lab:  Contact IT via the Mines Help Center. We want the program to be properly installed, licensed and functioning. If you have questions about the use of the program, please contact your instructor, TA or lab manager.


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