Create automatically generated captions for video resources

All video resources provided by Mines or linked to from Mines courses must at a minimum have automatically generated captions available. These captions are likely to include errors, and there may be numerous errors in video with poor audio quality. Automatic captions are not sufficient to meet accessibility requirements but are a good first step in providing better access for all.

There are several free sources of automatically generated captions for uploaded videos and live meetings or presentation.

Uploaded Videos


Use automatic captioning in YouTube

Mines community members have access to YouTube with their Mines-managed Google accounts. Whether you are using a YouTube account or a department account you created with Google, you should use YouTube to create and edit captions for videos that you have uploaded or can edit in YouTube Studio.

Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint

View, edit, and manage video transcripts and captions in Microsoft Stream

All Mines community members have access to Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint with their Mines accounts. Once you have used Microsoft Stream to create captions, you can leave the captioned video there or download the captions as a WebVTT file to upload elsewhere.

Live meetings and presentations

Google Slides

Present slide with captions

To use Google Slides, log in to Google Slides or Drive with your Mines email and password. 

Microsoft Teams

Use live captions in a Teams meeting

Teams provides an option for automatically generated captions for meetings, which includes speaker attribution. You can also separately turn on transcription if you would like to save an automatically generated transcript after the meeting.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Use real time automatic captions or subtitles in PowerPoint

When presenting with PowerPoint on Windows 10 or later, you can choose to provide automatically generated captions that display below your slides. 


Manage automated captions in Zoom

Zoom provides an option to automatically generate live captions, which can also be saved as a live transcript of the Zoom meeting.


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