Step-by-Step: Mapping Z:, Y:, or I: File Shares on a Windows 10 Computer

By default, campus computer users that log on to any Windows 10 computer that is a member of our ADIT computer domain should automatically get their department file share (I: or Y:) and their personal file share (Z:) mapped. 

Not all computers on campus are members of the ADIT domain.  Computer users utilizing those machines must manually map their file shares.  Additionally, some computer users connecting to the campus network from off-campus via the Viscosity VPN client may not get their shares mapped automatically. 

This document outlines the process of mapping those shares on a Windows 10 computers. 


N O T E :   The department file shares are historically identified by the drive letters I: or Y:  Both drive letters are pointers to the same network share location.  Some departments used the I: designation, and some departments used the Y: designation.  


1. Log on to your Windows 10 computer. 


N O T E :  If you want to map these file shares from a computer located off-campus, you must first connect to the campus network with the Viscosity VPN client.  If you do not already have the Viscosity client installed, please refer to Remote Access Instructions | Windows VPN for instructions. 


2. Right click your mouse on the Windows icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop and select File Explorer from the context menu. 



3.  Click your mouse once on This PC in the left-hand column of the File Explorer window to select it.


4.  Click on Computer in the menu at the top of the File Explorer window.


5.  Click on Map Network Drive in the icon bar at the top of the File Explorer window.



The Map Network Drive dialog box opens.


6.  To map your department's file share to either I: or Y:, select the desired letter from the Drive drop-down list.  Enter \\\shared into the Folder: entry field.  Click on the Finish button.


N O T E :  If you are mapping these file shares from a computer that is not a member of the ADIT domain, select the Connect using different credentials option.  You are then prompted to enter your domain credentials before the mapping is completed.  Please remember to enter your user ID in the form: ADIT\ImaUser  (Replace ImaUser with your actual user ID).  It is necessary to prefix your user ID with ADIT so that the computer knows to forward your authentication attempt to a campus server.




If you are successful, a new File Explorer window opens showing the contents of your share.



7.  As your Z: file share is unique, all users have a unique path to map it.  

All Z: shares are accessed through \\\homebut have a unique location that must be added to the path.  The syntax is \\\home\[User ID]

For instance, if your user ID is ImaUser, then the proper path is \\\home\imauser

So, in our example above, to map ImaUser's personal (Z:) file share select Z: from the Drive drop-down list.  Enter \\\home\imauser then click on the Finish button.  (As in the Y: mapping, if you're not using a computer that is a member of the ADIT domain, remember to select the Connect using different credentials option)



If you are successful, a new File Explorer window opens showing the contents of your share.


You have now successfully mapped both your personal and department file shares.


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