Global Protect - Mac VPN Installation and Troubleshooting Guide


Global Protect is Mines’ Remote Access Solution (Virtual Private Network or VPN). Members of the Mines community who are not physically on campus can use this system to access systems located on campus and not available to the Internet at large. Network traffic leaving the remote computer is encrypted and sent to the Global Protect system located on campus where it is decrypted and forwarded on to the destination. The computer at the destination sees the traffic as coming from a computer at Mines rather than the home system. Returning traffic is sent to campus where it is encrypted and sent to the remote computer.


  1. Using any web browser, visit the Global Protect webpage: This page will immediately forward you the login page 

  1. After submitting your username, password, and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) challenge you will see the Global Protect download page. 

  1. Select the link corresponding to your operating system to download the installation file. 

  1. Open your Downloads folder and run the installation file (some browsers may launch the installer automatically). Follow the prompts to install the software,

  2. If you are using MacOS 11 (BigSur) check the box to include system extensions with the installation. 

  1. When the installation completes, you will be prompted to allow the System Extension.

  1. Select “Open Security Preferences” and allow/approve the extension. 

  1. You should now see the Global Protect icon on the right side of your menu bar. The icon looks like a globe. 

  1. Select the icon to open the application and enter the portal name: GlobalProtect.Mines.EDU

  1. After a successful login, GlobalProtect will show a connected message. 

  1. At this point you are finished with the installation and the system should function autonomously. If you have trouble, please check the following usage/troubleshooting tips or submit a helpdesk ticket.


If you need to disconnect your GlobalProtect session, select the globe icon, then select the menu icon in the upper/right corner of the window. The bottom-most menu option is "disable."


Reconnecting a Disabled Connection 


If your connection becomes unstable, first try refreshing your connection from the Global Protect menu.

If that does not address the issue, try selecting settings, log out of your current connection, and log back in.

Still need help?

If you continue to have trouble please submit a ( or call the Mines Service Center at (303) 384-2345

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