What are Safe Links and Safe Attachments?

In order to better protect the campus community from malicious e-mails, Mines has implemented the Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Thread Protection (ATP) features known as Safe Links and Safe Attachments for all Exchange accounts. 

Safe Links is used to provide a time-of-click verification of web addresses sent via E-mail, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Teams.  This helps provide real-time protection against malicious links even if they slip through the initial spam filtering process. 

When viewing a message with a link, the link appears normal in the document, however, when clicked on, the link is verified against a list of known malicious web sites in real-time. 

This is what the link looks like when you view the message. 


This is where you actually go if you click on the link.  


This validates the link and if it doesn't appear to lead to a malicious web site then you are redirected to the site.  If it does appear to be a malicious site then you are warned.   If for some reason Safe Links isn't working correctly please open a Mines helpcenter ticket and let us know about the issue.

Safe Attachments is similar to safe links except attachments are first tested in a virtual environment.  If the attachment is found to be malicious then it will be blocked from access when a user clicks on the attachment.   This will help prevent any malicious code from being executed. 


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