Delegating Tasks

Delegate Task

Accessing Delegation Menu

Click on your Workday Inbox.

In the lefthand menu, select Manage Delegations.

The Manage Delegations screen displays and will show you any active delegations you have previously assigned.

Managing Delegations

From your Manage Delegations screen, click on the Manage Delegations Button.

Enter the following details: 

  • Begin Date: Enter the start date for the delegation. 
  • End Date: Enter the end date for the delegation. 
  • Delegate: Search for and select a proposed delegate. You are encouraged to discuss delegations prior to entering this information in the system.  
    • Peers: Individuals who's roles exist at the same tier of the Mines' Org chart as you. Usually your colleagues who report to the same manager as you.
    • Superiors: Your manager and their managers.
    • Subordinates by Supervisory Organization: Individuals within your department who's roles exist on a lower tier on the Mines' Org Chart than you.  Usually individuals who report to other managers within your department.
  • Start On My Behalf: Select the business processes you wish to delegate initiation for.  You can search for a specific business process, browse by process type, or browse all.
  • Do Inbox Tasks On My Behalf: Select one of the following options: 
  • For All Business Processes: This will delegate all inbox tasks, including reviews and approvals, to the delegate. After selecting this option, you can select the Retain Access to Delegated Tasks in Inbox checkbox if you wish to retain access to your inbox during the delegation period. 
  • For Business Process: This will delegate a select business process to the chosen delegate. 
  • None of the Above: The chosen delegate will have no tasks assigned to them.

Enter your Comment: Enter a relevant comment, if applicable. 

Attachments: Drag-and-drop or click Select files to upload a relevant attachment, if applicable.  

Click Submit.

Next: Your manager will receive a task within their Workday inbox to review the delegation request.


Delegation Approval

Your manager will need to access their Workday inbox and browse for the Delegation Approval Request in order to approve it.

From there, they can view all of the details of the delegation request and can choose to either Approve, Deny, Save for Later, or Cancel.

Afterwards, the individual you chose as your delegate will begin receiving business process tasks that you delegated to them within Workday.



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