Carlson Civil Suite with AutoCAD

Vendor: Carlson Software

Supported Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows only.

General Description: The Carlson Software website offers the following: “Carlson Survey … is made with surveyors in mind, allowing them to get the most out of all of their software. This software package is the culmination of 26 years of working with and for surveyors to both increase their accuracy as well as their productivity. “

Availability: Carlson Civil Suite with AutoCAD is installed in the Mining Labs, BB253 and BB253a.

Scope of License: This software can be installed on any school-owned machine.

Method for Obtaining: This software is not available to individuals.

Cost to Qualified Mines End-Users:  IT does not currently charge for use of this license in supported labs and classrooms.

Documentation:  Carlson Software maintains a knowledge base on their website.

In case of difficulties running the software in a Mines IT managed lab:  Contact IT via the Mines Help Center. We want the program to be properly installed, licensed and functioning. If you have questions about the use of the program, please contact your instructor, TA or lab manager.


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Tue 2/20/24 2:58 PM
Tue 2/20/24 2:58 PM