Groundwater Vistas

Groundwater Vistas

Vendor: ESI.

Supported Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows only.

General Description: The Groundwater-Vistas web site describes GWV as “a pre- and post-processor for MODFLOW models. We support more MODFLOW features than any of our competitors, and we respond to new developments from the USGS faster than our competitors. We also focus on new technology for model calibration, optimization, and uncertainty analysis.”

Availability: This product is installed in BH201, BH203 and BH222.

Scope of License: Per seat lab license.

Licensing Mechanisms: A registration string is generated by the software, captured and sent to a Groundwater-Vistas licensing email address. An unlocking passcode is generated by the vendor and sent to the ITS personnel, who apply it to register the software.

Method for Obtaining: This software is not available to the general campus community or for installation on individual machines.

Cost to Qualified Mines End-Users:  This software is owned by the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering. ITS does not control distribution.

In case of difficulties running the software in a Mines ITS managed lab:  Contact ITS via the Mines Help Center. We want the program to be properly installed, licensed and functioning. If you have questions about the use of the program, please contact your instructor, TA or lab manager.


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