Read&Write Google Chrome Extension

Using Read&Write Google Chrome Extension

Read&Write software is a literacy support tool that helps with reading and highlighting text, increasing focus while reading, reading text out loud, proofreading spelling, learning new words, and more. Read&Write is available for free to all Mines students, staff, and faculty.

Read&Write has different tools depending on your operating system. This article describes how to download and use Read&Write Google Chrome browser extension. You can also download a desktop version for Windows or MacOS.

Installing Read&Write

ITS has instructions for installing and logging in to Read&Write. If you need help installing Read&Write, please submit a Software Help Request.

Learning to use Read & Write

The best way to learn to use Read&Write is to explore the documentation and videos provided by Texthelp, the company that makes Read&Write.

If you need training or have questions about how to use Read&Write, please submit a request for a consultation using Report a Digital Accessibility Issue.

Where is Read&Write available?

  • Read&Write can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer using your Mines Microsoft credentials ( email address and password).
  • Read&Write is also installed on all lab computers on campus and on the virtual lab desktop.
  • Read&Write is available in the Testing Center.

You do not need to sign in to use Read&Write on a lab computer or Testing Center computer.

Features available in the Chrome extension

Reading Tools

  • Text-to-speech and hover text: Reads text aloud and highlights the word being read
  • Dictionary: Defines words in text and reads words aloud
  • Picture dictionary: Look up symbols to help remember words

Writing Tools

  • Check it: Checks for grammar, spelling, and other word errors
  • Similar word checker: Checks if homophones have been used correctly
  • Prediction: Provides suggested words as you type, and can read suggestions aloud
  • Spell check: Checks spelling and reads words and definitions aloud
  • Talk & type: Dictation tool turns speech into text (not available on MacOS)

Study Tools

  • Voice note: Records a short audio file of your voice for use as a note or comment
  • Highlighters: Use highlighters to color-code and collect text from documents
  • Vocabulary list: Build a vocabulary list from highlighted and dictionary words
  • Research folder: Build a list of information and links from websites
  • Practice reading aloud: Record yourself reading text aloud, listen to the recording, and send the recording to others

Focus Tools

  • Screen masking: Improves focus by tinting or highlighting sections of your screen

Document Conversion Tools

  • Screenshot reader: Converts images of text to text that can be copied or read aloud
  • Scan: Convert scanned images to documents with text that can be copied or read aloud
  • Audio maker: Convert text into an audio mp3 file

Web Tools (requires online access)

  • Web Search: Launches a Google search from your default browser
  • Translator: Translates words from and to multiple languages
  • Simplify page: Creates a simplified version of a web page that you can edit and adjust
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