Password prompts appearing when checking e-mail on mobile devices

Mobile devices not configured to use modern authentication may display password prompts when checking for e-mail.  In order to configure your mobile device for modern authentication you will need to remove the existing profile and add a new profile.  Our recommendation is to remove the existing profile and use the Microsoft Outlook mobile app instead of the built in mail client on your mobile device.  This provides the best compatibility with the Microsoft 365 service.  Simply search for and install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.  

For IOS devices that support modern authentication, you would remove the existing profile then add a new one.  Modern authentication will automatically be used when setting up the account.  Apple added support for modern authentication in IOS 12, however, it is recommended that you keep your mobile devices on the most recent OS version that is supported on your device. 

To remove the old profile in IOS/iPadOS:  Tap on Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> tap on the Mines account -> Delete Account.

To add a new profile in IOS/iPadOS:  Tap on Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Microsoft Exchange -> Enter your e-mail address then follow the prompts.  Choose Sign In.  Do not choose to configure manually.

Each Android device has their own stock e-mail app.  Many do not support modern authentication therefore the Microsoft Outlook app in the Play store is the recommended client for all Android devices. 

Microsoft Outlook Mobile App

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