Step-by-Step: How to configure the GlobalProtect VPN client to connect before logon to Microsoft Windows 10

Prerequisites: You must have administrator rights on the computer. For the purposes of this article it is presumed that GlobalProtect is already installed and working properly on your computer.


1.  Launch a command prompt session with administrator privileges.



2.  Navigate to C:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\GlobalProtect



3.  Execute the following command:  pangps -registerplap

NOTE:  There is no feedback from the program.



4. Reboot the computer.


5.  Check to see if the process has completed. 

The process is completed when one sees the GlobalProtect pre-logon icon on the

Windows 10 logon screen.  In experimentation, I discovered that on some computers it seems the process is completed after the first reboot. 

On some other computers, it took a while before the GlobalProtect pre-logon icon appeared.  There was no consistent number of

reboots or amount of time before the icon appeared.  You'll know the process is complete when you see this on the logon screen:



6.  Connect GlobalProtect before Windows logon.

Click on he GlobalProtect Windows 10 logon screen icon.

You'll see the message "Connecting"



After a few seconds, a browser screen opens to the CSM authentication page.

Enter your full email address and password.



Next, complete the DUO two-factor authentication process.



After the DUO process completes, the connection attempt begins.



When the connection is completed you are informed.

Click on the Back button to return to the Windows 10 logon screen.



8.  You can now logon with your ADIT credentials.


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