Step-by-step: How to install the Zoom video conferencing client on a MacOS computer.

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How to install the Zoom teleconferencing client on a MacOS computer.


1. Open up the Safari web browser to go to and click on the Sign in button.



2. You are redirected to Mines' authentication page.  Enter your credentials and then click on the Login button.



3.  If you are already enrolled in Mines' multi-factor authentication system (a.k.a. Duo) you are presented with the second factor authentication options.  Choose whichever fits your preferences and click on the appropriate button.

You are next redirected to the Mines' multi-factor authentication system (Duo) page.

Choose the second factor authentication type of your preference:



4.  Once authentication completes, you are presented with your Zoom account profile page.  Click on the Resources link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Then select Download Zoom Client from the pop-up menu.



5.  Click on the Download button in the Zoom Client for Meetings section.



6. After the download is completed, open the Downloads list on your MacOS launcher bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Zoom.pkg installer to launch it.



7. The Zoom installer process starts.

Click the Continue button.



8. Accept the default install location.

Click on the Install button.



9. You are prompted for your administrator credentials.  

Enter your credentials and click on the Install Software button.



10. When the installation process has completed, click on the Close button.



11. You are prompted to save or discard the installation program.

Select as appropriate.


12. The Zoom desktop client now launches.

Select the Sign In button.


14.  Select the Sign in with SSO option.

It is important that you select the Sign in with SSO option in order tobe able to participate in Mines sponsored

Zoom meetings.



15.  Enter mines into the Company Domain input field then click the Continue button.



16. You're prompted to allow connection to

Click the Allow option.



17. The Zoom client now opens and you are ready to start a new meeting, Join an existing meeting, schedule a future meeting, or share your screen with another Zoom user.

Zoom meeting links inside your email client or within a web browser will now always open the Zoom desktop client.



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