Using Zoom in Canvas - Instructor Guide

Canvas/Zoom integration guide for Instructors

Zoom has been integrated throughout Canvas and can be enabled and utilized in any course. Enabling the Zoom link in a course will allow instructors, teaching assistants (TAs) and students immediate access to schedule and join meetings, access cloud recordings and several other useful features all within their Canvas courses.


  • Mines Canvas and Zoom Accounts

Enable Zoom link in your Canvas course(s)

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course where you would like to add the Zoom link.

  2. Click Settings. 

Course settings link

  1. Click Navigation.

Canvas navigation tab in settings


  1. Drag Zoom Pro from the hidden items to the place where you would like it to appear in the navigation.

Enable Zoom Pro in Canvas Navigation

  1. Click Save and navigate back to your course homepage.
  2. In the Course navigation menu, click the Zoom Pro link to navigate to the Zoom integration.


Scheduling a Meeting

Instructors and TAs have access to the Schedule a New Meeting button. Students cannot schedule meetings via the Zoom integration. 

Click the Schedule a New Meeting button to display the Schedule a Meeting page.

Schedule a new Zoom meeting button in Canvas


Enter the meeting details, select the meeting options and click Save.

Zoom meeting scheduling settings


Start a Meeting

Instructors and TAs can begin scheduled meetings by clicking the start button. Students will see a join button from their view in Canvas. Instructors, TAs and student will still be required to join Zoom meetings using the Zoom app/client on their devices and will be prompted to download and install if not previously completed OR they will be prompted to allow the Zoom app/client to open to successfully join the meeting.

Start a Zoom meeting from within Canvas

Automatically-Created Meeting Notifications in Canvas

When Zoom meetings are scheduled via Canvas, students are automatically notified via a Canvas Inbox message and a Canvas calendar event is generated for the course. Similarly, if a meeting is deleted, students receive a Canvas inbox message and the meeting is removed from the Canvas course calendar.

Zoom meeting details added to Canvas course calendar

Canvas inbox message sent when Zoom meeting is created, edited or deleted in Canvas

Display Upcoming Meetings

The Upcoming Meetings tab displays the list of upcoming meetings associated with the Canvas course. The upcoming meetings may include meetings scheduled by you or other instructors or TAs in the course. To view only upcoming meetings you scheduled, you may click the box next to show course meetings schedule by me

Note: Meeting times in the Zoom integration are set from the time zone setting of the Canvas user’s account profile.

Upcoming meetings tab and list


Display Previous Meetings

To see the list of previous meetings, users can click the Previous Meetings tab. This may include meetings scheduled by other instructors or TAs in the course. To view only upcoming meetings you scheduled, you may click the box next to show course meetings schedule by me.

Previous meetings tab and list


Meeting Reports

Within the Previous Meetings tab, Instructors can choose to display or download a meeting report that displays information about who joined the meeting and when as well as a report on poll responses. 
Note: Meeting reports may take time to generate and may not be available immediately after a Zoom meeting has ended. If the report is not available, please check back later.

Meeting Reports

Cloud Recordings

Click the Cloud Recordings tab to see the list of all cloud recordings associated with this Canvas course that you or any instructors or TAs have created. 

Note: The cloud recording option must be selected when scheduling or starting a Zoom meeting. Local recordings (recordings created and stored on your computer) are not shared via the Canvas integration. Cloud recordings may take time to process and may not immediately be available. If you do not see a cloud recording for a recent meeting, please check again later. You will receive an email when the cloud recording is available.

Cloud recordings tab and list of all cloud recordings

Publish Cloud Recordings

By default, students will not see cloud recordings until an instructor or TA chooses to publish them. Each cloud recording can be published or unpublished by toggling the slider next to each recording.

Publishing cloud recordings toggle


Delete a Cloud Recording

If you choose to Delete a cloud recording, Zoom moves the recording to the Trash. To recover a deleted recording from the trash, access your cloud recording trash via the web and click the Recover link for that recording. If you take no further action, the recordings in the trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Note: Mines has a 120 day retention schedule for all cloud recording. After 120 days, recordings will be placed in the trash for 30 days. After 150 days, recordings are permanently deleted.


Frequently asked questions

Can I access Zoom meetings scheduled in Canvas without logging into Canvas?

Yes, all Zoom meetings, recordings, etc. can also be accessed either via the web or in the Zoom app/client when logged in with your Mines account.

Can I access other Zoom meetings not associated with a class through the Zoom Canvas link?

Yes, instructors and TAs who access the Zoom link in Canvas can click the link All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings to display any Zoom meetings or recordings associated with their Mines Zoom account. Students will not see this link and will need to access their personal meetings at or in the Zoom app/client.

Can I include a Zoom meeting in Canvas that was not originally scheduled within the Zoom/Canvas integration?

Yes, instructors and TAs can choose to import Zoom meetings scheduled outside of Canvas into the course by clicking the vertical ellipsis and clicking Import Meeting and entering the meeting ID for the meeting. The meeting will be added to the course and a Canvas calendar event and Inbox messages will be generated.

Do I have to start a Zoom meeting from within Canvas if that’s where it was scheduled?

No, Zoom meetings can be started from the Zoom client or web. 

If I start a meeting within my Personal Meeting Room in Canvas, can students join that meeting?

Instructors and TAs can launch a personal meeting from within Canvas; however, students do not receive automatic invitations or calendar/inbox notifications that a personal meeting is running. It is recommended to run regularly scheduled class sessions as scheduled meetings instead of using a personal meeting room.

Do I need to post Zoom meeting links or recordings in my Canvas course for my students?

No, if you are utilizing the Zoom integration to schedule meetings or course sessions, students can easily join Zoom sessions from the Zoom link in your course navigation menu. Similarly, students can access all published cloud recordings from the Cloud Recording tab after clicking on the Zoom course navigation link. 

I have a guest speaker or someone not in my Canvas course who needs to participate in my Zoom session; how do I invite them?

The Zoom meeting invitation can be copied either directly in Canvas by clicking on the meeting, then clicking the link to Copy the Invitation and emailing or sharing the invitation with participants not in Canvas. 

Can I download my cloud recordings?

Yes, cloud recording files can be downloaded by selecting the cloud recording, then clicking the download link below the desired file.

When I click on the Zoom Pro link in Canvas I'm seeing an error code 2216, what does that mean and how do I fix it?

You likely do not have an associated Mines Zoom account. To create your Mines Zoom account, navigate to and log in with your Mines credentials. After logging in to, a Zoom account is automatically created. Return to Canvas and click the Zoom Pro link. 

When i click on the Zoom Pro link in Canvas i'm seeing an error code 1001, what does that mean and how do i fix it?

You may be logged into another Zoom account not associated or licensed at Mines. Log out of Zoom and ensure you are logged in with your licensed Mines account. Note: Mines licensed account IDs all follow the schema: 






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