Change or View My Delegations in Workday

The purpose of this procedure is to provide navigation information to remove or change delegated tasks from “My Tasks” in WorkDay. This would be a task where the gear icon will not let you cancel or reassign the task.

Let’s dig in!

  1. Go to the upper right-hand side of Workday and click on My Tasks.

  2. Find the task that you no longer need. Click on the gear icon to ensure you cannot cancel or reassign immediately.

  3. In the search bar type, View All Delegated Tasks. Only tasks delegated to you will appear. Click on the ellipsis in the Business Process section for the task. Click on Modify.

  4. A new screen will open. You can do one of two actions:
    1. Delegate to another employee – if you are unsure if action needs to be taken reassign this to the appropriate employee; Or,
    2. Stop Delegation - if you stop delegation the task will be removed and no action will be taken.
    3. Last, Enter in a comment for the audit trail. (i.e. this is not needed, or unsure if action needs to be taken. Be detailed especially if delegating to another)
    4. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen

  5. If you go back to al delegated tasks, one will see the task is now either delegated or cancelled.
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