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MAPS Office

224 Guggenheim Hall
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401

Phone:  (303) 273-3166


7:30am – 5:00pm
Monday – Friday

Help us practice safe social distancing!

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Director of Shared Services
Mines Administrative Processing Services - MAPS

(303) 273-3266
The MAPS Office is open with our regular in-person hours.
7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

While MAPS will service customers who walk-in, the MAPS Office prefers that customers make an appointment.
 Please encourage anyone you speak with to make an appointment.

Q:  Will travel be reimbursed if it was cancelled due to Coronavirus?

A:  It depends.

Answers for Mines travelers:

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MAPS News and Hot Hints

MAPS would like to remind all One Card holders & purchasers of the policies surrounding the Mines Amazon Business account:

• The Mines Amazon Business account was created as a tax-exempt account
- No personal purchases are to be made through the tax-exempt Mines Amazon Business account
- Personal purchases on a tax-exempt account are considered tax fraud

• Personal Amazon Prime memberships are not to be paid for on Mines One Cards, nor will they be reimbursed by Mines
- All Mines Amazon purchases are to be made through the Mines Amazon Business centralized account
- If you are a One Card holder or Mines purchaser, and need a new invitation to the Mines Amazon Business account, please contact MAPS at maps@mines.edu.

Please contact us with any questions.

Academic Faculty Default Pay Schedule
The default pay schedule for Academic Faculty, your Academic Year salary is based on 10 equal payments (August thru May). You also have the option to choose a 12 month deferred pay schedule (August thru July) for your academic year assignment. If you would like to choose the 12 month pay schedule, or make any changes to your existing pay schedule, please complete the Deferred Pay Agreement Form and return it to the MAPS Office or via email at maps@mines.edu no later than Sunday August 23rd.

Per IRS guidelines, no pay schedule changes can be made once the semester starts ( August 24th).

If you have any questions, please email us at maps@mines.edu
MAPS Administrative Professional Updates - April 6th
Expenses paid on the University One Card, or through Frosch, can now be allocated as the expenses are incurred.
As of February 27th, Mines no longer requires expenses be held for future travel in a draft report until the trip ends.  For clarity, please use a naming convention that easily identifies both the reports and charges for each trip.  As a reminder, expenses paid out-of-pocket will not be reimbursed until travel is completed. 
For more information, please see in the University’s Financial Policies.  If you have any questions, please contact the MAPS Office.

Human Resources Operations | Payroll

Debbie Lira – HR/Payroll Operations Supervisor

Melisa Grady – Payroll Operations Technician Lead

Michelle Wareham – Payroll/HR Operations Technician

Suzanne Bratcher – Lead Payroll Specialist

Carla Duncan – Benefits Technician

Accounts Payable | Travel

Nicole Byerley | Accounts Payable Supervisor

Amalia Queller | Travel & Reimbursement Administrator

Christa Riley | Credit Card Administrator

Kristy Lujan | Report Preparation Specialist

Melissa Dichard | Accounts Payable Specialist

Nancy Cummings | Vendor Maintenance Specialist

Service Excellence

Widney Gay | Administrative Process Coordinator

Rebecca Buschke | Intake Specialist

Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) is the one-stop shop for key administrative processes for the Mines campus community.  

Our services include: accounts payable, travel, reimbursements, One Card administration, payroll, and HR transactions.

With the goal of improving overall efficiencies, MAPS will continually evaluate and assess administrative processes while providing a high level of customer service.

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