Workday Worktag Cheat Sheet - Operating Accounts, Grants, Projects, Revenue & Spend Categories

The attachment found on the right is a full list of current Financial Data Model components. Campus may download this spreadsheet and search the workbook by number, name, or title by selecting CTRL+F, and you have the ability to select to search by "Sheet" or by "Workbook": 

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Review the FDM Training to learn more:

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Operating Accounts: Operating accounts in Workday are comparable to what we knew as budget based operating indexes.These are operating accounts that are funded by the budget office. 

Grants: Sponsored programs funded by State & Local, Federal, Private & Cost Share

Projects: Includes capital non-capital  projects, RD & PD accounts, auxiliary accounts, & gift funds. 

Revenue & Spend Categories: We have a Spend Category crosswalk that can be found in this related article:



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